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TheBestReputation’s Guide to Crafting the Perfect Media Pitch

When pitching a media outlet, you want to make sure that your message is heard and that you are taken seriously. To do this, you must craft a compelling media pitch. In this article, TheBestReputation will explain what type of elements should be included in a successful media pitch, as well as tips on how to personalize your pitch. 

Types of Media Pitches 

When crafting a media pitch, it’s important to understand the different types of pitches that exist. There are cold pitches, news & trend pitches, contributor & guest post pitches, and follow-up pitches. Each type serves its own purpose and should be used accordingly. 

Cold Pitches 

Cold pitches are typically sent out by PR professionals when they have a new client or product they would like to promote. This type of pitch should include all the necessary information about the client or product without being too aggressive or sales-y.  

News & Trend Pitches 

This type of pitch is used when trying to get an outlet’s attention for stories related to current news or trends in society or the industry your client is operating in. TheBestReputation explains that this type of pitch should focus on why their audience would care about this particular story, and provide supporting evidence for why it’s newsworthy.  

Contributor & Guest Post Pitches 

This type of pitch is used when offering an expert opinion from someone within the company or industry who has valuable insight on certain subjects related to their field. These types of pitches should focus on why this person is qualified to offer their opinion and why it would benefit their readership if they published it on their site.    

Follow-Up Pitches 

As the name implies, follow-up pitches are used after an initial contact has been made with a journalist or publication. This type of pitch should reiterate any points made during the initial contact but with additional information for further consideration by the recipient, explains TheBestReputation.   

Personalizing Your Media Pitch

Knowing how to personalize your media pitch can be just as important as knowing what elements to include in one. Here are TheBestReputation’s tips on how you can personalize yours:  

  • Know The Demographic – Consider who you’re pitching and who will be reading your message before sending it out so that you can tailor it accordingly; 
  • Show Interest – Show that you’ve done your research into their publications and that you’ve enjoyed it; 
  • Read Their Content – Read other pieces and know their writing style so that you can match it when creating your own; 
  • Make It About Them – Pitch your client like they would be benefitting the publication to write about them instead of just promoting them with no added value for readership growth.

Crafting a successful media pitch requires more than just knowledge; it requires creativity and strategy as well. TheBestReputation advises that you must understand not only what elements need to be included but also how best to personalize them for each individual outlet’s demographic, interests, writing style, etc. With enough practice, you’ll soon become an expert at crafting compelling media pitches.